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My first Project 365 journey, 'Live Simply So That Others May Simply Live', documented from April 7, 2010 to April 6, 2011. After taking a couple of months off I have decided to continue my Project 365 blog for another year. I am entitling this year '... still living simply'.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will stay a while and enjoy!

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Day 336 - March 8, 2011

So... today I wasn't feeling terribly inspired... so on the way to our apartment (from my car, after work) I goofed around a little and just took random photos around me without any planning at all. I was just slinging the camera around at different angles to see what I could come up with. I liked the freeness of not having to worry about crafting a nice shot.
The sky was so bright and blue! 
I like the contrast of the bricks with the sky... 

Ah... and of course, the sun. :-) 
In the evening I made a huge pot of chili with lots of beans and veggies. I basically threw everything into the pot and let it simmer for a while...
Heck, I even made some homemade wheat biscuits to surprise Christie. :) (Yes, we get excited about these sorts of things!)
Okay, okay... maybe I was a tad hungry preparing dinner, so I also munched on some Tings. They are vegan and taste like a healthier version of Cheetos (which used to be my fave). These are made of natural ingredients (instead of hard to pronounce words!) and taste so delicious. They are, in my opinion, quite addiciting. Yum! 

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