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My first Project 365 journey, 'Live Simply So That Others May Simply Live', documented from April 7, 2010 to April 6, 2011. After taking a couple of months off I have decided to continue my Project 365 blog for another year. I am entitling this year '... still living simply'.

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Day 314 - February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!
After work Christie and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, Natural Oasis, for dinner. There was a buffet so we were able to go at our own speed and slow down for a little while. (I still had to be quite ginger with what I ate, but everything was still delicious). At the end of our meal Christie gave me my gift - a mini-trip to Montreal from April 30 to May 3 (our anniversary)!!! She even hid the hotel confirmation in a Montreal tour book so I had to do a little digging before I discovered the trip part. I am very excited! I have been wanting to visit Montreal ever since my Mom told me about her trip there as a school girl.
After dinner I took Christie on a surprise date! She had been wanting to try out the local improv comedy theater (Village Idiots), so I got us tickets for the Valentine's day showing. 
We arrived at Village Gate pretty early, so we had a little more time to relax... and maybe goof around...
The improv show was great, and I think Christie really enjoyed it. :) By the way, we started getting into improv back in Denver. There was a restaurant + winery called Wynkoop that would hold improv shows in the basement on the weekends. Christie and I used to go and make a night out of improv + dinner + drinks... I miss those days!

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