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My first Project 365 journey, 'Live Simply So That Others May Simply Live', documented from April 7, 2010 to April 6, 2011. After taking a couple of months off I have decided to continue my Project 365 blog for another year. I am entitling this year '... still living simply'.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will stay a while and enjoy!

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Day 263 - December 25, 2010

Christmas in Batavia
Dad, holding a coupon Christie and I made my parents for a day of geocaching together! 
Mom, opening a gift with Lucy's assistance. 
A gift from my mom to my dad (who is a major New Yorker cartoons enthusiast!).

Christie and I got a super nifty record player from my parents! Now we can finally play our records!
My dad with a new toy (that is now all put together :) ). 
Lucy and Snoopy got my parents the newest game on the block, Yorkie-opoly! 

A candle holder (with candle) that Christie made for my parents. 
A Beatles puzzle from Jim and Lish. * Note: Unfortunately, the Beatles, nor Jim and Lish, were in attendance. :(
A cute ornament for Christie... 

Christie with our new toy and smiles a-plenty. 

My dad and Christie dug out my parents' old records and started in on playing them... 
Oh yeah... 
Christie and my dad, noting the Beatles' cool fashion sense of the '60s!
My mom and I observed the tinkering... 
...and more tinkering. :) 
And, after tinkering with the record player, my dad decided to take over my camera. :)

In the evening we went to my grandma's house for a nice Christmas dinner, and afterward we drove around looking at lights for a little bit. Merry Christmas!

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