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My first Project 365 journey, 'Live Simply So That Others May Simply Live', documented from April 7, 2010 to April 6, 2011. After taking a couple of months off I have decided to continue my Project 365 blog for another year. I am entitling this year '... still living simply'.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will stay a while and enjoy!

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Day 262 - December 24, 2010

Our delicious vegan breakfast consisting of scrambled tofu and veggies, avocado, fake bak'n, a Wolferman's English muffin (a lovely gift from my parents), coffee and OJ. Mmm! 
Christie and I had our Christmas together today so that we could be in Batavia for Christmas on the actual day. She spoiled me rotten! (Above and below) Another neat necklace from Thread, one of my favorite South Wedge shops.
She got me several neat books that I've been wanting to read, and a cute(!!) desktop calendar for work. 
However, here is the BIG ONE... a Canon zoom lens!!!
Seriously, how awesome is that?! I am super-excited to learn more about it and to start snapping photos with it. I've taken a few "test" photos and I'm stunned at the distance I can get with this lens. Spring can't get here quick enough! 
We also opened a couple of packages from Jim and Lish. Definitely unexpected but very cool! (And we learned that Dwight from The Office, Rainn Wilson, is an author! Yay!)
(Above) A few of the gifts I gave Christie. When her Zune died a few weeks ago I bought her a new one... but I didn't wrap it for Christmas since she put it to use immediately. :) The lady's gotta have her music! 
In the afternoon we went to Batavia and cooked dinner for my parents (pesto and pasta with broccoli and mock chik'n). After that we went to the church service and then drove around for a little to look at Christmas lights. We stopped at a sprawling display on Fargo Road - we have never seen anything like it. The photo above is from that house... I like the way it turned out - there's no way I could do it justice with normal photos!

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  1. Looks like you had a great holiday. Nice shots! Hope you were able to finally "turn off" work! Looking forward to seeing the results of your new lens.